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Stephanie Dyment was founded by British award-winning designer Stephanie Leatherhand in 2015. Following a textiles degree and freelance work as an artist, her career truly began when she joined the team at Woodmansterne Publications as an inhouse greetings cards designer. During her time there Stephanie spent 7 amazing years embarking on inspiration trips that would take her across the world to places such as India and Japan. She created designs for some of the inhouse brands as well as developing her own range, Stephanierose. The range went on to win numerous prestigious industry awards and sell millions of cards world wide.

Following the success of this range, Stephanie was able to launch herself as a brand and began developing new opportunities. A husband, a dog and a couple of kids later she founded her own publishing company with a view to publishing beautifully finished cards. It was then that Stephanie's love for colour, pattern and all things floral allowed her to truly develop her style.

Following some 20 years in the industry, Stephanie's distinctive style has remained desirable and relevant. Her designs can be found adorning beautiful products including gift packaging, stationery, pencils, notebooks, mugs and much more...